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IRE Projects 2015

MultiStack first release

We have been working on a big data platform over multicloud for a while now and today we are releasing our first version of MultiStack. You can get a look here. Let us know what do you think !!

SIEL at OpenStack Hyderabad Meetup

We have been at OpenStack meetup at Hyderabad. The OpenStack community was as always awesome !! We shared how we use OpenStack to solve the problems unique in the academic environment. It was great to see insightful presentations from senior members including Janakiram, Sajid, Kavit and Syed. Thanks to the organizer and community for making it success !! Looking forward to see more OpenStack love !!

Here are the slides:

SIEL is now on Github

As FOSS lovers, we are always interested in learning and sharing with others. As a step towards it, we are now on Github. We would be sharing our work and course projects on it.

To start with, I will like to introduce HadoopStack, our effort for bringing full benefits of hadoop and cloud together. It takes advantage of running hadoop on cloud to minimize the cost and job-completion time with features like intelligent scheduling and auto-scaling. Stay tuned for more information.

Poster and Demo session for Cloud Computing Course (cse565) 2012

I am glad to share the posters from this year's cloud computing course major projects.

Congratulation to all !!
There was a wonderful response from the participants as well as visitors during the session.

Feel free to query/feedback regarding the projects.

Extending Cloudsim to support Software Defined Networking experiments
Concept Identification Using Lookup Approach

Using POX to create a controller and monitor traffic

Extracting Bandwidth Statistics -Floodlight

The main traffic detail to be connected is to get the topography of the links and bandwidth of each one of them . So I implemented a scheduler for a runnable that will execute the function every few seconds(User defined). Floodlight does provide bandwidth of links using the getDescription feature.

Simulating a virtual network on mininet

Software Defined Networking(SDN):

It is a new kind of architecture for Networking.

A hardware switch is made of 2 components - the Control Plane and the Data Plane. 

Search and Information Extraction Lab (SIEL)

Search and Information Extraction Lab focuses on solving research problems in the areas of Information Retrieval (IR), Extraction (IE) and Access (IA). As a part of the Language Technologies Research Center (LTRC) at IIIT-H, SIEL is currently focusing on the following broad application areas:

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